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Quote from Scully in the episode Halloween IV

Amy: Attention, squad.
Gina: Mm, pretty dainty way to make an announcement.
Amy: It's a workplace. I wanted to be respectful.
Scully: Well, as someone at a high risk for a spook-related death, thank you.

Quote from Captain Holt in the episode The Last Ride

Captain Holt: Do not trust any child that chews bubble gum-flavored bubble gum.
Do not trust any adult that chews gum at all.
Never vacation in Banff.

Quote from Jake in the episode Your Honor

Captain Holt: Enough! He robbed my mother.
Jake: No, he didn't. He's her lover. He's your mother lover. He's lovering your mother.

Quote from Charles in the episode The Bank Job

Gina: How many times have I smacked you in your face?
Charles: Lost count.
Gina: And you still have no fear of me.
Charles: I'm trying to read your womb vibe.
Gina: Exactly. Knock it off.

Quote from Captain Holt in the episode Skyfire Cycle

Captain Holt: The Full Bullpen!

Quote from Gina in the episode The Overmining

Sergeant Jeffords: Seriously? The heater's under your skirt?
Gina: Maybe. You can't prove that.
Sergeant Jeffords: Yeah, I can. There's a cord running under it, and I think you may be on fire.
Gina: Mm, so?
Sergeant Jeffords: What do you mean "so"?
Gina: I'm not giving up Jacinta.
Sergeant Jeffords: You are on fire, Gina. You do not have the upper hand in this situation.
Gina: I always have the upper hand.
Sergeant Jeffords: Not when there's flames shooting out of your butt!
Gina: Especially when there's flames shooting out of my butt.

Quote from Captain Holt in the episode Captain Latvia

Sergeant Jeffords: I hate that we lose to those pasty-assed mole people every year.
Captain Holt: Oh, there's no point in mincing your words. They're knaves!
Gina: Captain, you kiss Kevin with that mouth?
Captain Holt: You bet I do. And tonight, I'm gonna sing with it. We're taking down the MTA.

Quote from Jake in the episode The Fugitive (Part 1)

Sergeant Jeffords: Jake, look. You think it's our guys?
Jake: Maybe. But this is New York, so there's a very strong chance it's just "city blood."

Marshawn Lynch: I ain't seen anything. I was eating my quesadilla. It was a good one. Chicken, cheese, guac. But they forgot my pico de gallo.
[5 minutes later:] I remember when I was a little boy, my mama used to make this, uh, she used to call it "fo' cheese." What y'all call it? Y'all call it "four"?
[12 minutes later] How come they never make quesadillas with sausage? You throw some tomato sauce in there and call it a pizza-dilla - What you think?
Rosa: What is going on?
[21 minutes later:]
Marshawn Lynch: This one time, I tried to wait up all night to catch Santa Claus, right? You know how they tell you you got to put the cookies and the milk out?
[36 minutes later:] I don't really be telling nobody this, but I like to sleep with the fan on, even when it's chilly outside. All about that white noise, baby.
Rosa: Stop. Stop talking, Marshawn Lynch. Did you see anything after the van crashed? Yes or no?
Marshawn Lynch: Nope. Like I told you, I was just eating my quesadilla. Have I talked to y'all about my pizza-dilla invention?

Quote from Captain Holt in the episode Moo Moo

Captain Holt: There's politics to being a cop.
Sergeant Jeffords: But I wasn't harassed for being a cop. I was harassed as a black man.
Captain Holt: I'm not saying do nothing. I'm saying the most powerful action you can take is to rise through the ranks so that you can make large-scale changes. I've had to pick my battles, and it hasn't always been easy, but now I have my own precinct, a precinct whose officers would never do to you what Officer Maldack did.
Sergeant Jeffords: I understand what you're saying, but-
Captain Holt: Shh. I hear Margo's squeaky shoes in the hallway. One guess as to where in Arizona she brought them. Scottsdale.

Quote from Captain Holt in the episode Moo Moo

Captain Holt: I thought a lot about our conversation. When I was a young police officer and things like this would happen to me, I felt very alone. I wanted to call out every bad cop I encountered, and there were a lot, but as a black gay man, I never had a superior who was on my side, so the advice I offered you, that came from a different place at a different time. I put all my energy towards rising to a rank where I could make a difference. Well, I'm there now, and I realize that if I don't back you up on this, I would be betraying the very thing that I worked so hard for, so I filed the complaint.

Quote from Captain Holt in the episode Cop-Con

Captain Holt: Oh, I see what's happening here. Uh, due to an issue with the Internet cloud, you are seeing a series of pictures that have nothing to do with me or the 99th precinct.

Quote from Gina in the episode Chasing Amy

Jake: I can't believe this is happening. I didn't think there was any way she could fail the practice test.
Rosa: Well, we still have three hours until the exam.
Jake: First we gotta figure out where she is. All right, think. If you were Amy, where would you be right now?
Gina: Oh, uh, boring pantsuit store. A crossword factory? A museum of retainers and headgear? Is it possible to enter the color beige?

Quote from Amy in the episode Your Honor

Amy: Huh? No, I wasn't listening to either of you. Look who's in Captain Holt's office.
Jake: Who that lady?
Amy: You are looking at the Second Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Laverne Holt.
Charles: Captain Holt's mom.
Jake: The creator.
Amy: Widowed at age 39, Laverne Kinnebrew Holt single-handedly raised two children and still managed to become one of the first black, female federal judges.
Jake: Wow, someone read her Wikipedia page.
Amy: No, Jake, I wrote it.

Quote from Hitchcock in the episode The Bank Job

Charles: Sarge, you think Gina will be okay?
Sergeant Jeffords: She says the doctor's can't be sure, but they're optimistic. Apparently, she has something called Ansel-Elgort Syndrome.
Charles: Oh, poor Gina.
Amy: Oh, my God.
Hitchcock: Oh, you fools. That's not a disease. Ansel Elgort's an actor. Did none of you see "The Fault in Our Stars"?
Sergeant Jeffords: No. Why did you?
Hitchcock: Teenage romance, dying chick, oxygen mask. Checks all my boxes.

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