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Gina: So you choose your dad over me, your co-worker who hates you?

Rosa: Come on, Peralta! Holt said to use the whole team. We all want this solved.
Jake: I appreciate the offer, but I work best alone. Except when it comes to sex. Actually, sometimes including sex.

Captain Holt: Coat! Coat! Jacket! Coat! Is this a police precinct or a Turkish bazaar?

Gina: If Rosa had a twin, she would have eaten her in the womb.

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Captain Holt: Morning, everyone.
Jake: Morning, sir. Hey, look. We're food stain buds. Who are you wearing? Porridge?
Captain Holt: Um, oatmeal.

Amy: Oh, my God. He didn't even wipe it off.
Gina: He's totally given up on life.
Sergeant Jeffords: It's loneliness. Ever since Kevin left for his sabbatical in Paris, he hasn't been the same.
Amy: I tried to get him out of the house. I invited him to bar trivia, but he turned me down, not that Trivia Newton John needed the help. We're nationally ranked. It's no big deal.
Rosa: You're right, it's not.

Jake: Well, aren't you all just a bunch of big-hearted dum-dums. You want to make him feel less lonely? This is how you do it.
Rosa: A case file?
Jake: Yeah, dude loves work.
Amy: I thought all your cases were closed. You were bragging about it so much last night, I couldn't hear the end of the neighbors' fight.
Jake: It ended in sex. It always does. It didn't make me horny.

Jake: Ah, hola, mi capitan. Why am I speaking Italian, you might ask
Captain Holt: That was Spanish.
Jake: Yeah, there are too many languages. An old case of mine is starting to heat up, and I'd like your old help to help me solve it, senor?
Captain Holt: Still Spanish.
Jake: Right.

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